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Why would anybody want to read a comic about a snail?


That was what King Features asked when I sent Snibbler to them over a decade ago. Personally, I’m tired of cats and dogs. I just posted all 24 of the series, in case anybody actually is interested in reading a comic about a snail. Now most recent cartoons of mine are online.

Santa brought me a new 40-year retrospective of Doonesbury. Its weight is such that I will build up my biceps while reading it. It fits in no bookshelf in the known universe. That is because the strips are reproduced at a size that does them justice, and there are 1,800 of them. [Insert long rant about the incredible shrinking comic strip here.] 

New Year’s puts me in a retrospective mood — hence my comic data mining.


Swallow pride – it tastes great!


Turtle Creek is a comic strip I developed in 2003-04 about a turtle and a computer. It is online for the first time. Above is one of my favourites, though the punchline is already a little dated (do you remember that Tom Ridge was the first head of Homeland Security?).

My friend Rob, who provides an invaluable humor-meter for my work, says I should do more like them. Re-reading them at this distance, there’s a freshness and fun irreverence about them that I haven’t achieved recently.

At this point I’m between gigs. In September I decided that This Bright Future, the strip I’d been drawing for a year for the online eweekly The Canadian Charger, had no future. I was feeling burnt out and overwhelmed with the graphic design work that actually pays my mortgage.

While I’m in cartoon limbo, I’ve taken the opportunity given by Posterous (thank you Art Kilgour!) to quickly select a preexisting “theme” (graphic look), throwing my designer hat out the window and swallowing my I-will-do-all-original-work pride. Within a few hours, I posted all of my recent, non-Weltschmerz cartoon work. They are listed at left.

I’ll use this blog to riff on cartooning, post recent stuff (if I can unstuff my creativity) and ramble on as concisely as I am able.

I hope you enjoy a chortle or two.