Why a Harper Majority Is Good for the Environment

After this year’s federal election, I struggled to find a feel-good angle to douse my woes. 

Did you know that Harper’s new fighter jets are actually being purchased without enginesThe government will be responsible for adding them – at extra costs. That, and the fact that when crime is at a 42-year low, he’ll be doubling our prison spending to $3.147-billion by 2013-14, shows that this government is only concerned with cutting areas that aren’t part of their black-and-white, Bush-era non-scientific, neanderthalic world view. 

And, yes, Harper will be putting new focus on the war of 1812, putting it into the new Canadian citizenship test, commemorating it in Parliament. “If we don’t learn from history, we’re doomed to repeat it.” Well, there are a lot of years between then and now to learn from.

One thought on “Why a Harper Majority Is Good for the Environment

  1. manure to energy

    Could be good if the intention is to really reduce human footprints that cause our earth into the verge of climate change. Though, this innovation somehow works, still the cooperation of every individual is required.

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