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No Cukes


This cartoon was printed in Alternatives in June. It’s on the kerfuffle over the debate between H elen Caldicott and George Monbiot over nuclear power:

After Fukushima, he came out in favour of nukes as the least evil option to combat global warming. 

His predictions that Merkel’s decision to phase out nukes will increase coal use seem to be dead-on:

But he has raised many rankles for minimizing the dangers of nuclear power:

At first, I was buying Monbiot’s argument, but researching more, I don’t, and still believe that it’s be possible to rely on renewables and conservation — with a real political commitment. But in the real world, reducing nukes may mean that global warming becomes worse.

I was having a hard time wrapping this all into a cartoon and making it funny. Then the E. coli outbreak in Europe happened. And it was an unusually rainy spring in Ontario. So, like a bad-news vulture, I was able to pick laughs from the carcasses.

(Thankfully, Hudak ended up botching his campaign, and Ontario didn’t go Tory.)